Datuk Sébastien Ting

MIRI (June 7): Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Datuk Sebastian Ting hopes that more vaccination centers (PPVs) will be set up to meet the expected increase in vaccinations given the expected arrival of more Covid-19 vaccines in Miri this month and in July.

He said recent discussions with Mayor Miri Adam Yii and others focused on the availability of sites that can be converted to PPVs, with several schools meeting the requirements.

“We are told that private medical centers such as Borneo Medical Center and Columbia Asia as well as some private clinics have been named PPV.

“Some may have space constraints and therefore can only vaccinate a certain number of people at a time per day. However, if an arrangement can be made for these private practices to use the spaces of these schools, these PPVs could increase their capacity, ”he said in a statement yesterday.

He said the current vaccination rate in the division is still low – estimated at less than 2,000 people per day – which could be due to insufficient or slow arrival of vaccines.

“Out of a population of 200,000 here, to achieve at least 75% herd immunity by the end of August, it would take about 100 days to complete the vaccination rollout.

“Therefore, we may need to have between 8,000 and 10,000 people to vaccinate per day. “

Ting also noted that it was just as crucial to increase human resources, hence the need to hire retired doctors, nurses and others to help accelerate the rollout of immunization.

He also proposed that Miri emulate the method used in China where public buses were used as mobile vaccination centers.

Meanwhile, the Piasau assembly member said he supports the state government’s decision to use a hybrid approach to better facilitate the registration of rural Sarawakans for the Covid-vaccination program. 19.

However, he suggested that the method could also be used in urban areas especially for the elderly since many of them do not own smartphones.

“We have heard of many complaints about Mysejahtera during this registration and subsequent notifications of the dates and places of vaccination of recipients.

“Some of our Miris have their stories to tell. Indeed, Mysejahtera is far from perfect and there are many weaknesses.

“We must aim to provide quick and easy vaccination to our Miri people as soon as possible. The Miris can’t wait any longer. Time is running out, ”he said.

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