Every home should have a basic toolbox with the items needed to complete a small project. You probably have a hammer, or maybe a few other tools, or some people could have a garage full of anything imaginable and become your best friend. Some of the tools listed below are great for basic household projects and repairs. Maybe it’s time to take inventory?

__ Philips screwdriver: An “X-shape” can cover a wide range of screw types and sizes.
__ Flat Head Screwdriver: A small, medium or large “straight” shape is invaluable and can be used on most switch plates and other projects.
__ Tape measure: helps estimate quantities of materials, determine the location of objects, calculate floor plans and space for furniture.
__ Level: Take the guesswork out of looking at a picture frame.
__ Utility Knife: Use to remove paint around windows and cut drywall, rugs and boxes.
__ Hammer: hammer in or pull nails, operate the presser foot and tap objects in place.
__ Putty Knife: Ideal for scraping off glue and paint or spreading putty, paste or spackle.
__ Nail set: Drive the nail heads under the surface of the wood before filling and sanding.
__ Combined square: ideal for drawing angles of 45 or 90 degrees, as well as a straight edge.
__ Clamps: Jaws hold objects firmly and are used to pull, pinch, or bend materials.
__ Adjustable wrench: More robust version of an adjustable pliers, small or very large sizes.
__ Wire stripper: has a blade for cutting wire or removing plastic wire coverings.
__ Allen Keys: Used to tighten hex screws on assembled furniture or bikes.
__ Cordless or electric drill: Use of drills to create holes or turn screws.
__ Power cord: For use with power tools or power tools, available in various sizes.
__ C-Clamp: Hold pieces of wood, metal or plastic together before gluing or sawing them.
__ Flashlight: good for power outages or for making repairs in dark, cramped spaces.
__ Stepladder or Ladder: When painting, changing lights, cleaning, or working on fixtures.
__ Broom and Dustpan: Easy to clean when projects get messy.

Proper storage of all your tools is also important so that you can take care of them and find them easily when needed. A toolbox, storage cabinet, or pegboard with hooks are common options.

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