United States Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, who chairs the United States House of Representatives Democratic Caucus, has once again challenged the Guyanese government over what he sees as the “mistreatment” of a certain part of the Guyanese population.

Speaking at the Guyana Day Church Service in New York this past weekend, Congressman Jeffries said the United States will continue to stand firmly with Guyanese in the United States, but especially those living in Guyana.

“We will continue to strongly support Guyanese Americans, the SDA community and certainly people back home in Guyana who are currently living in very difficult circumstances. A government that still has not treated everyone in accordance with the principles of equal protection under the law,” the congressman said.

Last year, the congressman joined a Guyanese rally in New York and launched a virulent attack on the PPP government, calling out the government for alleged acts of racism.

The government responded by saying it was disappointed that the congressman allowed himself to be negatively influenced by individuals who are bent on destroying Guyana by inciting violence and division among Guyanese.

Last weekend, the US congressman reiterated his statements.

“And we are not going to tolerate racism here, nor are we going to tolerate racism in Guyana and we will do everything we can to move things forward in a fairer and more equitable digression,” he said. note.

Last year, the PPP called on the congressman “to refrain from joining with these individuals to create chaos in our communities at home and in the Diaspora”, and said it was working in the interest of all Guyanese.