President of the European Parliament David Sassoli (Photo) called on EU leaders to keep their promises on the travel certificate and to tackle inequalities in recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, European affairs.

The President of the European Parliament launched this plea at the opening of the European Council on June 24. He told heads of state and government that there was the prospect of a return to normalcy thanks to the vaccination campaign and other measures taken such as EU digital COVID certificate, which will allow Europeans to travel easily and safely to other EU countries.

“We know, however, that these tools will only work if there is close coordination between countries and uniform application,” Sassoli said. “The worst thing would have been to have raised the expectations of our citizens and businesses and then disappointed them with the lack of agreement between the member states.”

Parliament wants to strengthen the mandates of EU health agencies. “Little by little, we have the possibility of developing the skills and mechanisms necessary for a common health policy”, declared the president, stressing that the last Eurobarometer survey had revealed that it was a priority for them. European citizens.

He also said that the EU should seize the opportunity to fight against inequalities: “The European project that we want to build must take into account the needs of workers, must focus on the fight against poverty and the reduction of inequalities. , it must take care of the dignity of the people and guarantee a fair wage to male and female workers.

Turning to migration and asylum, Sassoli called for new common European rules. “We must define common rules for the reception of people on disembarkation and for rescue at sea. We cannot further postpone our reflections on the regular controlled immigration routes, we must work together on the humanitarian corridors and on the tools offered by the common visa policy to protect people fleeing persecution and war, who are entitled to international protection. “

The President also said that the discrimination was incompatible with EU values: “This is why we are concerned about the recent legislative initiatives taken in Hungary. No tradition or other so-called cultural specificity can justify the lack of respect for human dignity.

He added that any initiative to seek dialogue with Russia should take place at EU level. “We must speak with one voice, otherwise our weakness is their strength.”

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