MOSCOW, July 16. / TASS /. Russia and China share the position that the world should not be unipolar, chairman of the Russian State Duma or lower house of parliament, Vyacheslav Volodin wrote on his Telegram channel on Friday on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the treaty Russian-Chinese good neighborly Relations, friendship and cooperation.

“The most important thing that unites our countries is that we believe that the world should not and will not be unipolar. Russia and China systematically defend the ideas of polycentrism and the principles of equality in relations between countries, respect for national legislation, traditions and political system distinctions, ”he stressed.

According to Volodin, Russian-Chinese relations are relations of a “new type between two superpowers” which are based on the principles of openness and mutual respect for common interests.

He noted that the United States and a number of other Western countries are seeking to hinder the development of Russia and China. “Trying to build a unipolar world, they regularly violate the norms of international law, interfere in sovereign affairs. We see imperial ambitions instead of equality and justice, pressure instead of dialogue. no partners, only vassals “, he stressed.

He warned that such actions would never lead to the desired result. “We live in a different reality, and it is unacceptable to impose one’s will on other countries,” he explained. “Development can only be based on dialogue, the exchange of experiences, respect for different approaches, traditions and mentalities”.

Relations between Russia and China, two superpowers, which work “under mutually beneficial conditions in the interest of their countries and the development of their states”, can serve as an example of such an approach, he said. he adds.

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