Later, we will launch a ministry membership program to promote the supply of workers and employers.

Jakarta (ANTARA) – People with disabilities continue to experience social inequalities due to community stigma and stereotypes, especially in the employment sector, said the director of domestic labor placement at the ministry of Labor, Nora Kartika Setyaningrum.

She made the statement during a webinar on “National Plan of Action: Entering the Age of Expanding Inclusive Development for People with Disabilities,” starting by Tuesday.

Access to information regarding vacancies, education and vocational training has not been provided in an inclusive manner for all types of disabilities, she noted. In addition, the accessibility of public services for people with disabilities is also insufficient, she said.

Therefore, the government should prepare accompanying regulations and establish collaboration between relevant stakeholders from central to regional level, Setyaningrum said.

“The employment service – including the employment of people with disabilities – requires an acceleration and reinforcement of the efforts led by the regional manpower offices”, she added.

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In addition, she also advised the government to widely publicize each policy and strengthen the commitment of central and local governments to accelerate the implementation of employment services for people with disabilities.

“The employment service is a compulsory service that must be performed by the government. It has been regulated by the central government to be performed by regional governments,” she said, explaining government regulation number 60 / 2020.

The government should involve the private sector as before by making agreements with private companies and industrial estates to employ disabled workers and providing employment guidelines to be applied by the private sector, Setyaningrum said.

“Later, we will launch a ministry membership program to promote the supply of workers and employers. We will encourage relevant parties to join the employment information system,” she added.

In addition, state-owned companies must also employ at least 2% and private companies must hire 1% of people with disabilities, she said.

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