The great catalyst event that led Nio, Inc. (NYSE: NIO) at an all time high earlier this year in January is upon us again. After months of preparations, Nio Day 2021 finally kicks off on Saturday.

All roads lead to Suzhou City, as Nio’s C-suite, its loyal subscribers called Nio users, media, and analysts converge in the city, which is located west of Shanghai’s financial hub and south. -is of Jiangsu province, in eastern China.

Nio has revealed bits and pieces of information on what to expect from the event. A new vehicle model is a certainty, given the company shared a teaser image of it earlier this week.

The rest of the route is to be guessed. The theme of Nio Day 2021 is “Hello World”, to reflect the company’s openness to embrace the complex and ever-changing world.

The live broadcast of the event by Nio can be accessed by clicking here. While waiting for the live broadcast to begin, click here to read Benzinga’s preview of the event.

6:02 am: Nio shows us around Suzhou

6:05 am: Begins with a musical treat from two Nio owners

6:15 am: Testimonials from Nio owners displayed

6:16 am: a heartwarming testimony that underlines Nio always extending a helping hand

6:22 a.m .: The boss takes center stage; Guillaume Li welcome and make introductory remarks

6:25 a.m .: Li listing trivia of Nio users doing charity work, reaching out

6:27 am: After Norway, Nio will come to Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany in 2022

6:29 am: Nio to invest 80 million Nio points in a user partner plan

6:31 am: Nio to invest 100 million yuan in Clean Park projects over the next three years

6:34 am: Li details the Power North and Power Up plans 6:35 am: Nio says it has built 733 exchange stations in 2021

6:37 am: Li says 10,000 users have benefited from battery upgrade

6:38 am: Li: ET7 comes with more improved features and specifications than announced at Nio Day 2020

6:42 am: order confirmation January 20, 10,000 yuan discount plus 30,000 Nio points, delivery from March. 2022

6:45 am: ET5 announces, so the mystery product is released

6:46 am: ET5, with the slogan Ignite the senses is a smart electric sedan, says Li

6:48 am: Mid-size sedan is 1,499mm high, 2,999mm wheelbase, 1,960 wide, sleeker dual-dash daytime running light, LED headlights, shark nose, sporty calipers in Airglow Orange , high resolution AD cameras

6:50 a.m .: Ultra-long range high resolution, LiDAR, watchtower sensor layout, balanced shoulder lines, illumiblade tail light

6:54 am: Li says no one has ever seen a car like ET5

6:56 am: drag coefficient 0.24, range 550 km with 75 kwh battery, which increases to 700 km with 100 kwh battery and to 1000 km with 150 kwh battery

6:59 am: ET5 to come with Aqula super detection and Adam super computing

7:01 am: ET5 will have 18 driving assistance functions, 6 interior colors

7:02 am: Nio ET5 priced at 328,000 yuan for a 75 kWh battery, 258,000 yuan under BaaS, with a monthly subscription of 980 yuan, 386,000 yuan for 100 kWh and 258,000 yuan under BaaS with a monthly subscription of 1,480 yuan; Full NAD features available

7:05 am: Gifts for original ET5 owners: 10 year unlimited warranty, free lifetime power swap, free home power, free roadside rescue and more

7:07 am: pre-orders start immediately with a deposit of 2,000 yuan, 8,000 yuan exterior design kit, deliveries will start in September 2022

7:10 am: Norwegian DJ Alan Walker on stage

7:17 am: Custom song for Nio Day: “Sing Hello World If It’s Feels So Good To Be Home” is broadcast

7:20 am: Nio Band takes center stage

7:23 am: Li pats the hand with the members of the group; virtual greetings exchanged, highlighting the theme of Nio Day 2021

7:27 am: The event ended, possibly an anti-climax for those preparing for more than a product announcement and details on progress in Norway and the international foray. Nio shares are a far cry from the all-time highs of $ 66.99 reached in January and closed Friday’s session at $ 30. After the market, the stock gained 1.93% in anticipation of the event. I wonder where the stock is going on Monday.

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