Want to know how to level up in the New World? It’s not every day that we get a brand new big budget MMO game, and this one has been on our radar for months. Its pirate theme is very different from your usual fantasy backdrop. By focusing more on PVP, you may feel the need to level up quickly to match your competition.

There are three different leveling systems in New World: one for increasing your base character’s stats, one for your weapon skills, and one for trading skills. Everyone has optimal methods of filing them quickly, but knowing how to do it without help can be tricky.

While you wait for the New World release date, or if you plan to play the Open Beta, we’re here to help. This guide will go over all the ways you can get XP to improve your character, trading skills, and weapon skills. This will allow you to explore the first of the MMO’s raids (known in-game as “Expeditions”) earlier. If you want to level up fast so you can take on the New World Amrine Excavation, read on.

New World Upgrade Attributes

Each time you level up, you can assign a point to one of the five attributes. This means that there is a total of 71 points that you can spend on leveling up. Items that can be equipped also give points when you wear or wield them. Additionally, there are item socket slots where you can place jewelry to further boost your attribute stats.

Be sure to put dots in attributes that directly benefit your method of attack. For example, melee weapons increase their attack power if you upgrade Strength attribute, Focus Magic, and Ranged Dexterity weapons.

Here are all of the New World attributes and what they increase:

  • Constitution: increases basic health
  • Dexterity: increases the damage of basic ranged weapons
  • To concentrate: increases base mana and reduces cooldowns
  • Intelligence: increase the base magic attack
  • Strength: Increases damage of basic melee weapons

New World Leveling Tips

Here are our top New World leveling tips:

  • Whenever you log out of New World, make sure you are in a colony – you will get a bonus of rested XP when you return.
  • The quests found in the city project board are the fastest way to level up. You can sometimes complete quests by purchasing items from the city auction shop
  • Build your city’s reputation and increase the amount of XP you can earn in this area to get bonus XP rewards for completing any quest
  • Pick up side quests to complete alongside the main quest. You can finish them along the way
  • Hit a monster if another player battles it once to gain XP and weapon mastery. Other players still get XP and Weapon Mastery to defeat them, so you don’t distress them
  • You can accept up to 12 city missions at a time. This will give you a lot of XP, coins, and settlement reputation
  • Completing the faction missions of your respective New World faction representative in each city grants you XP. Additionally, faction missions adapt to your current area, so higher level regions give you more XP.
  • You get bonus XP from faction quests if there are daily bonuses available in the faction table (displayed at the top of the screen when talking to your faction representative)
  • Finding fast travel shrines will help you get around different regions quickly. Also, consider owning a home in a separate town from the hostel you signed up for to have more options for fast travel.
  • If you improve your trading skills, you also get a nominal amount of general XP.
  • New World weapons increase separately based on your character’s level, and PVP battles are the best place to quickly gain experience and learn new skills.

The leveling rewards screen in New World displays unlocked features.

New World Leveling Rewards

You also unlock new modes, quests, and even item slots every time you reach a particular level. Here are all of the New World leveling rewards:

  • Level 5: second weapon slot and survival quest (camp upgrade)
  • Level 10: Duels and first bag location
  • Level 15: first house, third consumable slot and survival quest (camp upgrade)
  • Level 20: Ring slot and main story quest (Azoth Staff tier one)
  • Level 25: fourth consumable slot and survival quest (camp upgrade)
  • Level 30: Second bag slot and main story quest (Azoth Staff tier 2)
  • Level 35: second house
  • Level 40: Earring Slot, Survival Quest (Camp Upgrade), and Main Story Quest (Azoth Staff Level Three)
  • Level 45: third location for bag
  • Level 50: Invasion
  • Level 55: third house and survival quest (camp upgrade)
  • Level 60: Rush Outpost


You can also get an indication of which areas you can safely travel to by looking at the Upgrade Rewards screen:

  • Level 5+: Firstlight, Everfall, Monarch’s Bluffs and Windsward
  • Level 25+: Brightwood and Cutlass keys
  • Level 30+: weaver’s swamp
  • Level 40+: Rive Restless and Great Cleave
  • Level 45+: Deadly mourning
  • Level 50+: Edengrove and Ebonscale
  • Level 60+: Reekwater and Shattered Mountain

Crafting an item such as the Iron Musket in the Workshop grants you XP towards leveling the New World.

How to improve business skills

For each trade skill, you need to take a specific action to increase its XP level. For example, crafting skills require you to craft items using an appropriate facility in town. Likewise, refining skills require you to turn raw materials into valuable crafts.

Both of these types of trading skills increase relatively quickly compared to gathering skills, which increase slowly after performing specific actions.

Arts and crafts

Crafting new weapons and armor takes a lot of resources. If you want to salvage some of the materials you’ve used, immediately grab any gear you craft.

  • Weapons manufacturing – craft weapons in a forge
  • Shielding – make armor in an outfitter or a forge
  • Engineering – craft any item that grants engineering in a workshop or forge
  • Jewelery – make amulets and other jewelry in an outfitter
  • Arcana – craft items and potions in an Arcane Depot
  • Cooking – cook food in any camp or ingredient in a kitchen
  • Furnishing – make any object that can be used to furnish in a workshop


  • Melting – transforming ores into bars or wood into charcoal in a foundry
  • The Woodcraft – transform green wood into wooden planks in a carpentry workshop
  • Leather work – transform rawhide into coarse leather in a tannery
  • Weaving – transform fibers into linen on any loom
  • Stone size – transform the extracted minerals into blocks on a stonecutting table


While you only need the Basic Level One Flint / Wood Tool to collect resources, higher level tools that you can craft with Iron or Treated Wood will speed up tasks. It’s also worth noting that the size of the resource you collect reflects the amount of XP you get for that gathering skill. For example, a thick tree gives you more XP when cut down than cutting down one with a thinner trunk. You can also use lures with fishing rods to increase the speed at which the fish bite.

Here’s how you can level up each New World Gathering Trade Skill:

  • Registration – use a lumberjack’s ax to cut wood from trees
  • Mining – use a pickaxe to extract rocks
  • Fishing – use a fishing rod to fish in any pond, river or coastal location
  • Harvest – pick certain herbs from any farm or land location
  • Monitoring and counting – kill and skin any animal with a skinning knife

These are all trading skill levels unlocked and how to improve trading skills in New World. We have a guide on how to play with friends in New World, because it’s not as easy as you probably would have imagined.

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