The Versys 650 is one of the most comfortable bikes I have ever ridden. The Kawasaki Ninja 650 comes in very close second.

BHPian Mr. Ogre recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I think the Versys 650 is a very underrated bike. I myself was opposed to the idea of ​​having a Versys 650. It was never on my radar.

I had spent quite a bit of time with the Ninja 650 in India and it was the same. Before I got it I wasn’t too sure, however, after I got it I wished I had it before.

Coming to the Versys 650, this is one of the most comfortable bikes I have ever ridden, the Ninja 650 comes in second.

Until you own or ride any of them, you don’t realize how much fun they are. From the outside, they don’t look like the kind of bikes you can mess around with around the corners, however, once you know your way around, it’s hard not to be pleasantly surprised.

What amazes me is how fast you can turn around. On the Versys, the brakes are slightly better and the adjustable reverse suspension up front is never weak in response. I set my front and rear to the max, and with that, I feel she is very well planted when entering a turn. She gives me so much self-confidence that I can choose whether I want to go inside or outside of someone in a corner.

At least for now my Versys 650 is here to stay.

Here is what CRAZY DRIVER BHPian had to say about it:

Well said! I’m glad you’re having fun. Thanks for sharing.

In the Indian context – I love the original suspension tuning which is smoother and still inspires confidence. Have been in situations like well-groomed but rough concrete roads where other riders on better cornering machines (like the Ninja 1000) had to back up due to too many hard front end returns while the softer Versys just feels composed and sorted. The Showa suspension was one of the highlights back then and on several occasions I think it was worth the money under our terms. Sometimes it was enough to play with the rear preload.

The downside in handling service is how easy it is to scrape the stakes! Some non-owners might say this is an excruciating statement – when stationary, the stakes seem high to avoid scuffing, and the bike doesn’t look like it can tilt as much as it does. scrape a stake. I had strong resistance at first when I mentioned this complaint in the circle of friends, but now we are settled on it. The problem is that the comfortable position of the footrests for the rider ensures that the footrests are placed at the lowest possible point (not the high rear) like in sports motorcycles and itchy in aggressive corners.

These days, I expect it to scratch and not panic – but never a sense of security from hanging out metal, do you?

I’m curious how you handle this on the fastest roads out there?

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