MTI Instruments Announces Latest Addition to PBS-4100 Series of Vibration and Balancing Systems

PBS-4100 + engine vibration analysis and balancing system is more mobile than ever

Posted: Wednesday May 19, 2021 – 12:00 PM

(MTI Instruments: Albany, NY) – MTI Instruments Inc. continues its impressive legacy of aircraft engine maintenance diagnostic systems with its latest addition of the PBS-4100 + Handheld Vibration and Balancing System.

“We are delighted to announce our new PBS Gen 4 because it is fully portable, light and rugged, and most importantly, it is the most powerful system in its class on the market,” said MTI Instruments President. , Moshe Binyamin. “In addition, this compact system is designed to be used on the go with a wide frequency range. We’ve also expanded the capability set to include many innovative capabilities. “

The PBS Gen 4 is designed for commercial aviation mobile applications, with a new high-visibility housing and up to 4 hours of continuous use on a single battery charge.

The new system features a third tachometer input, supporting three-coil motors and gearbox fans, giving the technician more information than ever before. The frequency range has been extended to 25 kHz, to support turbine engine and APU testing, streamlining the vibration analysis and balancing processes. With engine backup and restore capabilities, users can be confident that engine parameters are set correctly every time. Although the unit reflects the latest balancing system technology, it remains easy to use with limited training required, especially for technicians familiar with previous versions of MTI’s PBS systems.

PBS Gen 4 incorporates features that ensure the system is easier to use than any PBS before it.

“The new cable control is a fantastic addition that, once on the market, will quickly become the new standard in the future,” says Hamish Haridas, Field Service Representative, Vital Link Europe Ltd. “The quick switch is also a great addition that will avoid having to remind operators that performing a vibration survey is done in another ‘screen’, making balancing transparent. “

The new software offers enhanced protection against online threats, with continuous updates provided, ensuring seamless workflow and limited downtime due to cybersecurity concerns.

“The real differentiator is all of the technology and software bundled together in a simple, easy-to-use interface,” says Ken Ameika, Global Sales Director at MTI Instruments. “Today and tomorrow, when engine vibration levels need to be overridden, the WinPBS Balancing Assistant will get the job done quickly and easily. It even supports methods of balancing test weights and stored influence coefficients. No other system on the market can do what the PBS-4100 + does so efficiently and easily.

With vibration diagnostics that can help identify sources of vibration and on-board spectral analysis to detect potential problems before they arise, the system helps identify problems before they become risky situations for the company. flight safety. With a unique tachometer signal conditioning circuit, speed signals from all types of motors, as well as tachometer generators, add a higher level of diagnostics, available only to users of the PBS-4100 + system.

For more information on PBS Gen 4 or to find a local MTI Instruments reseller near you, visit mtiinstruments.com.

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