ISLAMABAD: Federal Energy Minister Hammad Azhar said the National Accounts Committee’s growth calculation method was similar to the United Nations system and 26 agencies entered their data into the system, while it had 24 sub-sectors with their growth data. . Referring to the past, while briefing Prime Minister Imran Khan, the minister said current data does not depend on unverifiable or manipulative data, such as cattle. He said the report showed the industry growth rate to be 3.5%, agriculture 2.7% and services 4.4%. He said the growth rate of the large-scale industry was 9%, although experts suggested the growth was much higher, adding that after receiving the final three-quarters data, the growth would be by 14%. The minister said sales in the cement sector were at an all time high, as were fertilizers, automobiles and motorcycles. He said the housing and construction sectors were also growing at a faster pace of nearly 8.5%.

Hammad Azhar said that in agriculture, wheat production had set a record, along with sugarcane and corn, and experts suggested the growth would drop from 3.94% to 4.4% after the data. of the third trimester.

He said the current account deficit is not linked to growth as before by allowing imports to show higher growth.

He said the current account had a surplus of almost $ 800 million after 17 years. Hammad said the rate of increase in external debt was $ 11 billion a year before the PTI government came to power, while this year the increase was only $ 3.5 billion. dollars.

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