The nearly 700 agents and 200 support staff of Michael Saunders & Company came together virtually on February 4 for the company’s annual reunion, where they celebrated their 45th anniversary, record annual sales volume and largest ever MSC Foundation distribution of grants.

After a good start to 2020, the market suddenly came to a halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting a shelter-in-place order, only to experience a strong rebound, resulting in annual sales volume of 3 , The company’s $ 49 billion, a dominant market share of 24.1% in the luxury market and 12.4% in the overall all-price market.

Now kicking off a one-year anniversary celebration, the company kicked off 2021 with a virtual event from keynote speakers including Josh Linkner, a tech entrepreneur and best-selling author, Bonnie St. John, a Paralympic athlete and “l ‘one of the most inspiring women in America “. according to NBC News, and upbeat Motown musical interludes provided by the Westcoast Black Theater Troupe.

Interspersed by the lineup of national speakers were real estate luminaries Paul Boomsma, CEO of The world’s leading real estate companies, and Mickey Alam Khan, President of International luxury wallet. Everyone shared a vision and trends for the coming year in the national and international real estate space.

Michael Saunders and his son Drayton Saunders shared new initiatives for 2021.

Michael Saunders & Company, now the leading broker and the region’s first independent real estate company, started in 1976 when Saunders opened its first office on St. Armands Circle with a loan of $ 5,000.

Saunders got the loan from a bank that required a male business customer to co-sign. She had an agreement to represent the development of Tiffany Plaza on Longboat Key.

In the first year, Michael Saunders & Company had sales of $ 11 million.

The company’s deep local roots in the community and its commitment to doing the right thing have manifested itself in the wake of the global pandemic. Michael Saunders & Company quickly pivoted and adapted to an array of digital assets, while moving his agent services team to home offices to stay in touch with customers, the community and one another. .

Many officers have leveraged their community connections to support local restaurants and frontline workers.

This support was also demonstrated by the philanthropic arm of the company, the MSC Foundation, which announced its largest grant distribution since its founding in 2011: $ 66,500 to local organizations providing shelter, livelihood, education. and a path to self-sufficiency.

The MSC Foundation expects to reach the million dollar benchmark later this year, after donating more than $ 957,000 to more than 200 local organizations.

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