Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego revived social networks by declaring on Friday that inequalities are necessary for the progress of society.

Inequality is not only inevitable, but it is necessary for the progress of society», Wrote the founder and president of Grupo Salinas on his Twitter account.

“Attempts to transform society so that everyone ‘fits the same mold’ will inevitably lead us to tyranny,” added Salinas Pliego, considering the third richest man in Mexico with a fortune that exceeds $ 12.52 billion, according to Forbes.

Controversy on the net

The billionaire’s controversial statement wasted no time in triggering a wave of backlash on the internet. “Inequality is necessary in the world of Salinas Pliego, because he knows well that without the misery of the majority, the wealth of the minority would not existOne Twitter user noted.

For his part, the journalist Jesús Escobar answered with a fact about global inequalities: “The richest 1% of the world’s people with more than $ 1 million have 44% of the world’s wealth, while 56.6% of the world’s population have it. the most disadvantaged have less than 2% ”.

Salinas Pliego’s tweet was particularly irritating against a background of deep social inequalities affecting Mexico, where some 53.3 million people live in conditions of poverty, according to a report by the international organization Oxfam.

The study “Concentration of economic and political power”, carried out by economist Gerardo Esquivel, confirms that “a small group of people” have benefited from the “weak economic growth that Mexico has enjoyed over the past two decades” .

In particular, Esquivel documented that while gross domestic product per capita “grows by less than 1% per year, the fortune of the richest 16 Mexicans is multiplied by five“.

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