Integrated, transparent storage might be the dream, but what do you do when it’s not an option?

It’s easy to ignore a lot of things in your home, but when you’re there 24/7, the little things start to creak.

A few months ago, you were waiting for the dream solution. You wanted to save for the nice carpentry, you were happy to wait, but things are different now.

Now you want the clutter and the mess to be out of sight and out of mind. But coasting storage solutions don’t have to be a temporary fix, as these chic homes of Image Interiors and life magazine show.


Photography: Fabrizio Cicconi / Living inside

Your hallway sets the tone for your home. While ambient light and scent are essential for a warm welcome, this is a space that needs to work really well, too.

In tight spaces, like this Bologna apartment, owned by floral artist Annalisa Lo Porto and her fashion designer husband Francesco Dal Bo, try to make the best use of space and wall height.

Here, loose scent arrangements sit on a wall mounted keyring to the right, a wooden hook holder holds the coats on the left, and above a child’s bicycle hangs out of the way.

If you have the width, consider wall bikes that are used every day, as in this apartment of designer Francesco Franchi.

Home office

Doreen Kilfeather_Smart_Storage_Home-Office_02_Scout_Wendy

Photography: Doreen Kilfeather

Naturally, the head office of Wendy Crawford, owner of the immaculately presented hotel Scout boutique in Temple Bar, bursting with personality, but not at the expense of practicality.

Above the desk is a chest of drawers, acquired on Done Deal, painted and used to display items while keeping useful items close at hand. As a bonus, it also prevents the Rachel Powell wallpaper from being too “trippy”.

The living room

Gottstein Architects Doreen Kilfeather Smart Storage

Photography: Doreen Kilfeather / Styling: Ciara O’Donovan

Ah confidence Kallax, it seems that every home has had one at some point. In the Edwardian house of architects Caitriona Duggan and Achim Gottstein in The architects of Gottstein, you will see a shiny white Ikea piece of furniture, partially obscured by a mustard yellow Utility chair and Niels Møller table and chairs.

This warm and tactile house is the result of years of accumulation, the couple having decided not to buy anything new and to work with the furniture of their first house. As a result, there was no replacement of economical storage units for higher end units. The mixture works wonderfully.

As Catriona notes, “When you’ve had years of dinners, friends, laughter and tears around a table, that’s part of who you are; there is something lovely about sitting with furniture that you have had your whole life.


Katie Sanderson Kitchen Shantanu Starick Smart Storage 2Photography: Shantanu Starick / Styling: Ciara O’Donovan

Open shelves make cooking easier and can be easily tinkered with with pieces of wood and brackets, like in the kitchen of Chief Katie Sanderson. If you don’t have a range of mason jars handy, start storing and reusing regular food jars. Label with masking tape and a marker for a polished finishing touch.

Under the stairs

sally caulwell home Doreen Kilfeather Smart StoragePhotography: Doreen Kilfeather

If you have little ones at home, or if you usually have little visitors, why not get up to speed? An adjustable perforated panel, as seen in illustrator Sally Caulwell‘s Portobello home, is ideal for hanging their outerwear where they can reach them.

And while they still need help putting the pin in the zipper box, it might encourage them to put on the coat and hang it up after, at least.


Smart storage Portobello Home Shantanu Starick

Photography: Shantanu Starick / Styling: Ciara O’Halloran

While a dedicated walk-in closet may be the stuff of fantasy for most of us, there’s still plenty of inspiration to be drawn from Mona Fox’s Victorian patio home.

Here, Mona has gone against the tide of fitted wardrobes, and instead, storage centers around a vintage haberdashery in the center (bought for “a bargain” on eBay), with a drugstore apothecary behind, a Freestanding open rail for hanging items and hooks on the side of a large unit for bags. Nothing fancy in small rooms, but combined with great effect.

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