Wallan is wrong about COVID

Representative Kim Wallan’s newsletter criticizing an indoor mask mandate, especially for schools, is frankly immoral.

Wallan concedes that our hospitals are “at full capacity” our situation “currently the worst in the state”. Nothing about its role in leading us down the wrong path. Would it turn Jackson County into Florida?

This past summer, local educators at all levels fought their career battle on two fronts. Many have volunteered to meet the urgent need for food in their community. Likewise, they were preparing for the drop of a hat to offer online education. No easy task!

Where was Wallan? Take political cheap shots. Rather than deal with the urgent needs of Jackson County, she harassed schools to make immediate plans so that “sports can safely resume.” Billion dollar professional teams have found it impossible!

Wallan told the MT: “Children don’t get COVID. I pointed out that infected children sometimes die excruciating deaths. The “long haul” suffer from mental and physical disabilities.

Wallan requires “metrics” that masking works? Where was she? We are fighting for lives. Masks, distancing and vaccination are our only weapons. Vaccination warrants are needed in schools – and nothing new. Wallan should support them because they are approved for children and stop politicizing the pandemic. Neither she nor our county commissioners have been able to figure out COVID.

Alberto Enriquez


An irony to scratch your head

One of the ironies of the anti-vax / anti-mask mob that scratch your head is that they ignore advice from doctors and other medical staff that the best way to end any restriction is to mask yourself. inside and get vaccinated. Going further, some protest and engage in violence to assert their freedom to contaminate.

However, when the unvaccinated contract a severe case of COVID, they will go to the hospital where the same doctors whose advice they rejected will treat them, using emergency clearance drugs multiple times while wearing the. necessary protective equipment. There will be no protest against the compulsory wearing of masks in hospital or other basic hygiene measures, nor against the use of drugs that will help save their lives.

This is irrational behavior in the extreme, and it prolongs a pandemic that has already claimed more than 620,000 lives and filled local hospitals to capacity or beyond.

Ken chapman


Employer’s responsibility

I won’t be donating blood at the Red Cross center for a while – at least not until they demand that their clinicians be vaccinated.

I suspected that the clinician who drew my blood was not vaccinated when she said that vaccinations were “a choice” and that “people have different opinions”. A subsequent appeal confirmed that the Red Cross “follows CDC guidelines” and does not require immunizations for donors, volunteers or staff.

The advantage of the scientific method is that it replaces opinions with verifiable data. The vaccine has been shown to be effective. It’s time for the Red Cross and other employers who deal intimately with the public to step out from behind the CDC’s shield and demand that their employees be vaccinated. A higher vaccination rate could have mitigated, if not avoided, this current outbreak of COVID.

Dale Doors


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