Many people started cottage industries during the pandemic, either because of job loss or simply because they just took the time to explore their creative side and start a small business.

As a result, many people work from home to create all kinds of wonderful handcrafted gifts from cushions, door wreaths, art, pottery, keepsakes, flower arrangements, etc. the full range of Irish handicrafts available.

This week, I thought I’d share some simple tips for optimizing your craft room.

Space saving solutions

Not everyone has the luxury of a dedicated craft room, so sometimes you have to think outside the box. Perhaps you could update a guest bedroom with a smaller daybed or Murphy Murphy bed to give you more room to focus on your business, while still retaining the functionality of a bedroom. friends for casual guests. See for their full line of space-saving furniture.

Another option to consider is having bunk beds to allow two children to share the same bedroom rather than having two separate bedrooms. If updating a bedroom isn’t an option, then consider the area under your stairs, an existing closet, or a corner office.


Once you know the space, then you can consider zoning different areas, for example a space to create and a different area for packing, it will save you time in the long run as you will not need to clean everything to deal with urgent delivery. .


Storage plays a vital role for craftsmen to store all the necessary equipment and supplies. Whether it’s an easel, potter’s wheel, or sewing machine, you need to choose the right storage solution for your craft. Having a good organization system to hold all your materials and tools is essential.

Sliding drawers are great for tools, while adjustable shelves are great for accommodating larger items. Consider labeling the drawers to make it easier to move from one project to another. A great idea for small items such as buttons is to use magnetic spice jars with a stainless steel wall mount. This will allow you to store your button collection by color and size and give you an easy view of the items. Transparent organization containers are ideal for allowing you to clearly see stock levels.


Flooring is a key factor to consider for your craft room. Laminate flooring, luxury vinyl tile, and vinyl are all great options as rugs will attract fabric cuts, wood chips, and more. Also, if you are working with liquids like paint etc., these flooring options will be much easier to clean than a carpet.

Inspirational display

Display a sample of all your favorite creations on a video wall. Don’t worry if your items are too bulky, just photograph them and create a stunning image gallery showcasing all your favorite products. It will also be a great marketing tool if you are consulting with clients from your work / hobby room. Another idea for an accent wall is to keep newspaper clippings of any PR you may have received and frame them to create an outstanding image gallery of all the highlights of your business.


It is extremely important that you stay motivated when working from home. Add motivational quotes like “You can do it”, “The world is mine to conquer” etc. on your wall. If your family is your motivation, be sure to post a family photo.


Natural light is best, but at a minimum add some powerful desk and floor lamps on top of your overhead lighting.


Perforated panels are great for storing items you need on a regular basis, such as scissors. Cork boards are another great option and can be perfect for holding your inspirational images and motivational quotes. Finally, bring the outdoors in with a touch of greenery.

Hope you enjoyed reading my column and found some inspiration to create or update your craft room.

Louise is a former TV3 Showhouse Showdown winner. Contact 086 3999926; email [email protected];

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