More and more water utilities are using the Primus Line system for their pressure pipe rehabilitation projects. Hunter Water has even included German technology in its portfolio as standard retrofit technology.

Rädlinger first developed the Primus Line system in Germany 25 years ago, and the company made its first contact with Australian asset owners in 2013.

Since its first installation in Australia, Primus Line has become the preferred solution for rehabilitating pipelines in sensitive and difficult to access areas. Primus Line is a specialized technology for the trenchless rehabilitation of pressure lines, primarily attracting water utilities as the preferred method due to its ability to navigate bends.

Primus Line director for Australia and New Zealand Heiko Manzke said the company does not need access to all of the assets either. “The Primus range is characterized by the combination of flexibility and high resistance of materials,” he says.

“This makes it possible to take turns of up to 45 degrees and at the same time achieve installation lengths of over 1,000 m in one section. All you need is small excavation pits or access shafts. The use of machines and the intervention in the environment are minimal.

The Primus Line system was recently used to rehabilitate a water pipe for a local utility in New South Wales. Hunter Water provides potable water, wastewater, recycled water and some stormwater services to a population of nearly 600,000 people between homes and businesses in the Lower Hunter area.

The collector has been specially designed for this project

The cooperation between Primus Line and the Crown corporation began with a few initial site visits, followed by briefings to improve understanding of the technology.

The first action was an emergency project for a pressurized sewer line. Primus Line technology has shown Hunter Water its versatility. At the next utility company, Hunter Water took a new approach never before seen in the Australian piping market: a multi-liners solution.

Justin Watts, Hunter Water group director for asset solutions, said there were a number of challenges surrounding the repair of the DN 900 MSCL mainline, which passed under a freeway exit ramp.

“This main was a critical water supply for the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie areas. Due to the timing of the failure, large numbers of visitors were expected to the area for the Newcastle 500 Supercars race and, with the temperatures rising, fast and non-destructive food was sought, ”he said. declared. “The ability of the Primus Liner to be installed through elbows prompted Hunter Water to seek solutions using this product. With a maximum product diameter of DN500, an engineering solution was needed to ensure that capacity was maintained.

To ensure the best possible use, the utility provider chose the Primus Line 3-in-1 solution, executed by Interflow, a proven partner of Primus Lines. The installation of three Primus Liner DN 450 PN 16 with an internal diameter of 396 mm would provide Hunter Water with a working capacity of almost 60%.

The section of the pipeline to be rehabilitated was approximately 140 m. In addition, the coefficient of friction of the Primus Liner has a K factor of 0.028 less than the coefficient of friction of the existing pipeline. The results of the Hunter Water calculations finally showed that a reduction in diameter would be acceptable.

“With this project, we were able to convince the market that we can also offer engineering solutions,” explains Manzke. “In addition, it clearly demonstrates Hunter Water’s spirit of innovation and openness to new technologies. Both will allow Hunter Water to continue to operate its approximately 10,000 km of water and wastewater pipelines safely and reliably in the future. “

Since Hunter Water successfully deployed the Primus line for sewer lines and water pipes, the technology is now part of the standard line of products for the rehabilitation of pressure lines. Today, a number of water pipeline and pressure sewer projects have been completed using this technology.

Hunter Water has installed Primus Line in a variety of situations, including mainline rehabilitation options. It has proven effective in rehabilitating water mains in poor conditions and in hard-to-reach areas.

For more information, visit the Primus Line website.

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