As we move into the New Year, everywhere you look you are bombarded with calls to diet. These fads, old and new, will try to entice you with promises of rapid weight loss. You are also called to start a new year by setting big life goals for yourself and hoping that finding a new and better planner will finally help you achieve them. Once discovered, it was clear that we needed a diet, fitness, and lifestyle program that would help us maintain our biological rhythm. This is why Alisa from the MyFlo app created the Cycle Synchronization Method. She wants to be the voice of reason here and let you know that the fad diets and the biohacking trends you’ll hear about aren’t good for women’s hormonal needs and they just don’t offer lasting change. And that waking up at 5 a.m. and the ethics of the daily planner don’t include your biology, either.

People with female physiology benefit when they eat, exercise, and work in a way that supports their infradian rhythm, instead of following the diet, fitness and work trends that disrupt them. It is precisely because so many women try to follow the “same thing everyday” plans that work for male physiology that 50% of women suffer from hormonal imbalances, while men do not suffer at the same rate. Read on to find out more!

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How synchronizing with your cycle can optimize your 2022 for the better

It starts by deepening your familiarity with your 28-day hormonal cycle – something you can do with the MyFlo app– then tailoring your diet, movement, supplements and lifestyle choices to your unique strengths, weaknesses and needs during each phase of your cycle. It may sound intimidating. It’s not. In no time, you will develop an intuitive sense of how your body feels during each phase of your cycle and what it needs to maintain hormonal balance. You will begin to naturally change your diet, movement, and schedule as your hormones fluctuate. Over time, making phased self-care choices will become second nature. What kind of phase-based choices am I talking about? Here is an overview of the different ways the cycle sync method is used in practice.


Do you have certain food cravings during the different weeks of the month? Are you hungrier at different stages of your cycle? This is because your metabolism changes speeds during your cycle and you need to change your calorie intake based on your biology. Practice cycle synchronization method?? with food begins by choosing specific foods that will support an optimal hormonal balance in each phase. I dive deep into my new book In the Flo, which is packed with biohacking tips and meal plans specific to women.


Sometimes, even if you are eating perfectly, supplements are needed to deepen your phased self-care plan, clear your period problems, and feel better. If you are deficient in any of the the five essential micronutrients needed for hormonal health, you will never completely resolve symptoms such as acne, bloating, PMS, cramps, menstrual migraines, missed or irregular periods, or cyclical fatigue and mood swings.

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Plan your workouts synchronized with your cycle will allow you to achieve your fitness goals with less effort. It also makes your workouts easier because you aren’t trying to do a workout that doesn’t match your hormones for a specific time period. Using the Cycle Synchronization Method?? for exercise is a win-win.


You can do anything, anytime. Research shows that because hormones stimulate the brain in different ways throughout the month, you are more interested and more naturally comfortable with certain tasks at different times of the month. The same goes for men of course, their brains are stimulated just over the course of a day and they organize their work to be productive optimally according to their hormonal patterns. So when we plan our schedules accordingly, such as when we schedule important meetings or talks when we are ready to communicate, we can be even more successful and, more importantly, experience less overall stress on your body. When you live in sync with your hormones, you will be able to make lasting lifestyle changes for a fantastic new year. No resolution needed. Just go with your own flow.