Ducati has a long history of blessing the world with beautiful bikes. In previous decades they have provided car fans with the incredible 1098 and despite the negative press the 999 has received, this bike deserved much better.

The 1198S, however, was a masterpiece. Many people reading this article may recall that a modified or duplicated version of the 1098R won the 2011 European Superstock Championship with David Guigiliano on board. This bike was released in 2009 and nowadays motorcycle fans can buy one at a decent price. Auto Trader points out that some models are on sale for £ 7,500, which equates to $ 10,158.74 in the US.

So what are the features of the 1198S that continue to drive customers to buy one to this day? Let’s find out!

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Here are the many reasons we love the Ducati 1198S

Ducatti 1198

Via: Ducati

Motorcycle News gave the 1198S a four out of five star rating, noting that “it really is one of those motorcycles that everyone should be allowed to ride once in their lifetime.” One of the best V-twin ever. ‘ It’s a pretty strong statement, but it is deserved.

First, let’s see the body of the 1198S. As Superbike suggests, it looks exactly like the 1098, which is why there was some controversy over Guigiliano riding one during the 2011 European Superstock Championship. The chassis is still gorgeous, but the only noticeable difference is the subtle “1198” logo. Ducati changed the color from red to silver. In 2009, the “trailer” style mirror extensions included with the bike could be installed to address complaints from 1,098 owners who had no idea what was going on behind them.

There is a light-sensitive LED instrument panel whose functions are controlled only from a switch on the left handlebars. The four red gearshift lights in the top right also let riders know when traction control is starting and the main dashboard clearly displays all the other information riders should need on a motorcycle. The dashboard, headlight and fairing are mounted on a lighter magnesium subframe, which helps in the overall weight reduction.

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What else we love about this ride

The 1198S certainly represents a significant improvement over the 1098 when it comes to ride quality and brakes. As with many Japanese bikes, there is plenty of space behind the bars and standard ankle bar seat dimensions.

The bike is built for fast turns and sometimes struggles to stay in line in the tightest turns, but since the ride height and suspension are fully adjustable, it only takes time and care to get the ride right. to the cyclist. Overall, handling is not an issue for the 1198S. There is no reason to fear for your life while riding this motorcycle.

The standard 1198 has the same Showa suspension and non-adjustable steering damper as the stock 1098. The only change Ducati made is that they included a data analyzer or traction control. Data logging (now 2MB to 4MB) can actually be included at any time by dealerships, but not traction control.

And it gets even better with the engine, which is a formidable beast. At the time of its release, Ducati had an engine power of 168 hp, ten horsepower faster than its predecessor. Torque alone accelerates the power of the 1198S. While easy to miss, the 1198S had bigger pistons, new connecting rods, a more robust crank, oval throttle bodies, and a new gearbox. These components have significantly improved the performance of the Ducati motorcycle, although they may seem like minor improvements at first.

Previous Ducati motorcycles were criticized for their reliability and build quality, but by the end of the 2000s the motorcycle company sorted out all reliability issues. In addition, there is a significant amount of electronic aids to assist cyclists. Fans of the 1098R will notice that this bike has similar electronics to the 1198S, and that’s why one has to wonder if Ducati just wanted to create a clone of the first.

Anyone who buys the 1198S cannot complain about the lack of equipment on this bike. For your dollars, you receive Ohlins forks and rear shock, an 8-way adjustable traction control system, and a function to record, download, and replay throttle position, speed, and traction control activity. .

Ducati also reduced 4 KG and made weight gain. This was achieved by removing 1.6 kg from the engine, adding lighter tires and reducing the bulk of the body. The 1198S is one of the thinnest bikes you can hope to buy.

Twelve years later, the 1198S is still a fantastic bike. Go out and buy one if you haven’t already.

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