The red hawk

Ruger’s first large caliber double-action six guns – the Redhawk – debuted in 1979/80, offered in .44 Magnum. Ruger had two big advantages over previous double-acting .44 Magnums, namely introducing it at the time of greatest demand and building it around the cartridge rather than chambering an existing model for the .44 Magnum. The result was an exceptionally strong sixgun and this was accomplished without being too heavy or clunky. The strength of the Redhawk comes from the threaded area of ​​the frame where it accepts the barrel to be extra thick, double what is found in many other sixguns and also to have the massive cylinder locked in the back and on. the front of the cylinder itself rather than the end of the ejector rod. The heavy ribbed barrel and equally heavy top strap both give a feeling of exceptional brute force.

For some reason Ruger didn’t offer a 4 ″ .44 Magnum Redhawk, so I made my own. From a 5-1 / 2 ″ Redhawk, my local gunsmith cut the barrel to 4 ″, re-crowned it, mounts a black front sight, and slightly modifies the grip frame, all resulting in a superb candidate. easy to carry, powerful sixgun. This very simple customization done on the Redhawk was to round off the front and rear corners of the bottom of the grip frame as well as the factory grips. With these custom touches, the Redhawk becomes a candidate for a Perfect Packin ‘pistol and will handle the heaviest .44 Magnum charges available, including those with heavy, hard-cast bullets offered by the Buffalo Bore, Cor-Bon and Garrett cartridges. . With its stainless steel construction and the fact that it is designed for strength and endurance, the Redhawk is a very good choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

In 2007 Ruger saw their mistake and started offering a Redhawk 4 ″ in .44 Magnum, then continued the following year with the same sixgun chambered in .45 Colt. These two finger groove rubber grips are a big improvement over the original factory stock and do a lot to minimize felt recoil from heavy loads. Then, a few years ago, Ruger released a 4-inch convertible Redhawk. Ruger has a long history of six single-action convertible guns with two cylinders. However, they took a different route with the Redhawk and found a way to fire both .45 Colt and .45 ACP cartridges from the same cylinder. The latter requires moon clips and the system works quite well and certainly adds to the versatility of the Redhawk.

For someone who spends a lot of time outdoors in all weathers and needs a sturdy, easy-to-store six-gun, it would be hard to find one more rugged, ready and reliable than the Redhawk. of 4 inches. .

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