Stemming from the homologation requirements for the World Superbike Championship (WSBK), the 2021 BMW Motorrad M1000RR is produced in a limited series (usually between 250 and 500 units) and is now in Malaysia, priced at RM249,500. During a private preview of the M1000RR in the showroom of authorized BMW Motorrad Auto Bavaria (AB) Ara Damanasara dealer, Ahmad Faisal, AB’s Motorrad division head, said less than 10 units have been allocated to Malaysia by the headquarters of BMW Motorrad and that two had already been spoken for.

Developed from BMW Motorrad’s liter-class superbike, the S1000RR, the M1000RR refines the design, tuning everything with an eye on track performance and nothing else. A technological tour de force and showcase of BMW Motorsports’ technical prowess, the M1000RR uses the S1000RR’s inline-four engine and adjusts it to produce 212 hp at 14,500 rpm and 113 Nm of torque at 11,000 rpm. min.

This is achieved through the use of forged two-ring Mahle pistons giving a compression ratio of 13.5 to 1 while the titanium valves and Pankl connecting rods made of the same material reduce the rotating mass inside the engine, allowing a red line of 2000 rpm higher than that of the stock. The pistons are 12 grams lighter than the stock while the connecting rods are 85 grams lighter.

The M1000RR is more powerful than the S1000RR on which it is based from 6,000 to 15,100 rpm, an indication that this motor is intended for end-of-travel purposes. However, BMW’s Shiftcam variable valve technology allows the M1000RR to be maneuverable enough for road use, which in theory means that skilled athletic racers could take the M1000RR’s canyon by strafing Ulu Yam (when roads and the borders will reopen).

The intake ports in the cylinder head are fully machined to provide optimal airflow with the intake ducts featuring a revised geometry from the S1000RR. A full titanium exhaust system weighing 3.65 kg is provided, further reducing weight on the M1000RR which weighs 192 kg, ready to go.

BMW M Performance brake calipers, first installed on a BMW two-wheeler, while carbon fiber M wheels are standard equipment, differentiate the M1000RR from the road S1000RR. Finished in anodized blue with the BMW ‘M’ logo, the brakes are designed for track use and provide stability and controllability above fading while still being usable for fast road riding.

Fully adjustable Marzocchi front forks support the front of the M1000RR with a fully adjustable single shock at the rear. With an adjustable swingarm pivot point, the M1000RR features a suspension setup that optimizes load distribution to the wheels and provides optimal feedback to the rider.

Carbon fiber spoilers are attached to the fairing to aid aerodynamics, as is standard in racing today. The winglets produce downforce during acceleration, helping to keep the front wheel on the ground and allowing more drive to reach the rear wheel.

The M1000RR is a solo ride without passenger provisions in base form with the addition of an additional passenger seat. Theoretically, you could, the footpeg mounting points are there on the subframe, but that would probably do weird things to the suspension behavior.

Driver aids on the M1000RR include a high and low quickshifter, launch control and hill start control with traction control and pitch-up function. There are four basic riding modes – Rain, Road, Dynamic and Race – while the addition of Race Pro mode offers three more customizable driving modes, two adjustable throttle maps, three-level engine brake control.

The instrument cluster, a 6.5-inch TFT-LCD display that lights up with the M logo, can be combined with the optional GPS data logger and lap trigger from the M Competition package to monitor and analyze track performance. The extra cost competition pack also includes milled parts, carbon fiber components, a lighter 220 gram swingarm, M Endurance chain and a passenger pack.

There is only one color option available for the 2021 BMW Motorrad M1000RR, BMW Motorsports racing color of white, red and blue. The M1000RR is available for viewing at Auto Bavaria Ara Damansara with visitors required to follow standard operating procedures for the Covid-19 pandemic.

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