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RMC Sport report that Eric Blahic left his post as assistant coach to Corinne Deacon with the France women’s national team, after being appointed there in January 2020, due to disputes he has with the controversial coach.

Blahic resigns due to disagreements with Deacon over the work environment she has created. between the game staff and Deacon.

The relationship between Deacon and Blahic had completely broken off in recent weeks, the latter blaming his boss for wanting to control everything at all times, not giving his assistant the confidence to do his job.

Blahic was reprimanded by Deacon in Clairefontaine while chatting with two players informally. Deacon forbade him to have these kinds of discussions. Confidence was now shattered.

Eric Blahic was accused of wanting to have too many responsibilities, which he felt fit to do because of his previous achievements and experiences, having been Jocelyn Gourvennec’s assistant for several years at Guingamp and Bordeaux. Tired of this work environment and after having already almost left his post a few months ago, Eric Blahic asked Noël Le Graët to leave his post.

Eric Blahic was very appreciated by the players, his technical and tactical contribution during training was very appreciated by the team, as well as his experience and his openness.

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