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Social media is already influencing the “demand” side of cryptocurrency. Our smart contracts and automation are the first to use it to influence procurement reliably and securely.

ElonPeg, the first social media-linked token on the Binance Smart Chain, announced its updated Q3 / Q4 roadmap as part of the MESA (Make ElonPeg Sexy Again) project. This roadmap includes new social media integrations through custom smart contract oracles and decentralized applications (dApps) for gamified prediction events.

Prism Crypto LLC, the US-based company behind ElonPeg, said the plans were part of ElonPeg’s mission to link social media events to tokenomics. Although the token was founded with the named connection to Elon, the purpose behind that connection was to balance the effect of social media events on the demand for tokens by introducing an automated, on-chain verifiable way of reducing supply. . This deflationary mechanism has been a resounding success so far, with 45% of the total token supply “burnt” just by tweets to date, and more tokens are added to the vault every day.

The company also plans to showcase professional projects supported by industry leaders around blockchain education that are linked to ElonPeg and provide the first true online academy for security, security, analytics, and blockchain technology. .

ElonPeg is the very first Crypto currency automatically linked to social media events in real time. Rather than eagerly awaiting market-skewing tweets today, we’ve decided to guard against it by creating groundbreaking integrations to monitor Twitter for every tweet, retweet, or response from the one and only Elon. The tweets cause a massive supply burn with verifiable record keeping on the chain and on social media. Every tweet, every retweet, every reply, every time.

  • Massive volume growth plan currently underway, including posts, YouTube reviews, podcasts, mailing lists, etc.
  • Secure development budget with active headhunting for an extensive and experienced team to build prediction markets, educational resources, and more.
  • Hard cap 600BNB (max contribution 2BNB) dxSale presale completed in 10 minutes! Liquidity blocked for 1 year.
  • Listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
  • 9% assessed on each transaction: 3% to holders, 3% to liquidity, 3% to marketing, events and carbon offsetting.
  • 1 trillion total supply, 50% placed in the smart contract vault at launch.

The “BurnUponTweeting” contract known simply as “Vault” (audited with the token) started with half of the total supply. Each time Elon tweets, the ElonTweeted (tweetId) function is called, burning 0.3% (tunable) of the Vault supply. New tokens have been allocated to the vault since launch from the marketing portfolio, reflections, and redemption and burn programs. The Vault stays in circulation with innovative think and retrieve features, all contractually enabled based on Elon’s tweets.

Each Elon tweet, retweet, or response is retrieved within minutes, kicking off a fully automated process that burns the required amount, distributes reflections to holders, stores the tweet ID in the burn transaction record, and sends feedback. alerts to Telegram channel and Twitter.

As always, the crypto world and the BSC can be rife with scams and honeypots. Do your own research, take a moment to chat with the Telegram team, whatever you need to make yourself comfortable. The team are very responsive and extremely helpful and knowledgeable and the telegram is very lively.

With over 4000 holders, ElonPeg takes security seriously. All contracts and the development / marketing portfolio were created from a Ledger hardware portfolio. The Vault contract was created to ensure that half of the supply is available and remains in circulation, but not in an unsecured and unlocked wallet. The team has run countless tests on Testnet and reviews with auditors to make sure everything is exactly as it should for presale, launch and a successful future.

Launched with a working product in the form of an automated smart contract linked to social media events, the project has already started to attract more and more active crypto enthusiasts. The founders of ElonPeg and Prism Crypto LLC have over 50 years of combined experience in blockchain, computing, UX, law, and psychology. As to why they chose Elon as an experiment for their burning mechanism, founder Steve replied, “Social media is already influencing the ‘demand’ side of cryptocurrency, especially when it comes to Elon. Our smart contracts and our automation are the first to use it. to influence procurement in a reliable and secure manner. “

With a recently updated roadmap, the ElonPeg team is working to develop a whole new approach to staking with its gamified prediction platform that is built around innovative pools linked to social media to “pawn” their BEP20 token against certain expected results in exchange for reflection multipliers rewards.

The ElonPeg token is available for exchange on Pancakeswap. You can add it to your watchlist on CoinMarketCap or Coingecko. The ElonPeg team recently announced the “MESA Project” to discuss the updated roadmap and the short to medium term development of the project in the current market.

Website: elonpeg.com

Telegram: t.me/elonpeg

Twitter: twitter.com/elonpeg

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