Marie Cogar’s dedication to expanding her artistic range with fused glass is evident in the beautiful art of fused glass she creates. The tools and materials in the studio and gallery reflect her attention to detail and precision, as well as the energy in Marie’s life. Her pieces seem to capture Marie’s approach to life, as an opportunity to learn and experiment with a variety of glass techniques. It is not surprising to learn that Marie is not only a visual artist but also a musician.

Not all glasses have the same COE (coefficient of expansion), so the same type of glass can only be merged together. Marie uses Oceanside 96 glass which comes in clear, opaque, iridescent and dichroic sheets to name a few. Pieces of molten glass begin with flat sheet glass, which must be cut and then baked in an oven. It is important to note that in order to fuse pieces of glass, there must be at least two layers of glass. Some pieces of Marie’s glass are formed freely, while others take a shape by a second firing using a mold. His art of fused glass is both functional and decorative in everyday life. The variety and versatility of the medium is inspiring.

Marie had a special appreciation for glass even before taking her first class over fourteen years ago at the Lake Placid Arts Center. She has been accepted at juryed art shows in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York, particularly in the Adirondack region. It was at this time that she considered herself a professional artist!

Marie is very methodical. Some parts may require several firing. Marie is happy to explain and demonstrate the process during gallery time by appointment or studio tours open during the summer and fall months. While she has found a peaceful creative environment in the natural beauty of the Adirondacks, her own work seems to reflect experimentation and original designs. It’s easy to imagine that Marie’s patience and listening prior to as a family therapist helped her learn the step-by-step process of creating fused glass pieces.

Marie’s professional career, full of possibilities and vision, was as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist where she established a private practice and joined the Samaritan Family Counseling Center. She also holds a Masters of Science in Kindergarten to Grade 12 Educational Counseling and has worked in high schools including the Saranac Lake School District. She is now retired from the board.

Marie’s love for the arts is evident in music, including singing with the Saranac Lake Madricals, the Northern Adirondack Vocal Ensemble, the Northern Lights Choir and the; Saint-Bernard Choir. She helped build the artistic community of Saranac Lake and is one of the founders of the Saranac Lake Young Artist Association, of which she is now a member of the board of directors. Marie also sits on the Board of Directors of ArtWorks

glass artMarie’s Gallery is located on Wellsprings Road, Rt. 86 before Gabriels, 5 minutes from Saranac Lake. It plans to be open to visitors and tours during the summer. Marie exhibits at the Cape Air Gallery in Saranac Lake. In the meantime, his website is:

Glass artist Marie Cogar and examples of her work. Photos of Linda Ramirez

Linda Friedman Ramirez

Linda Friedman Ramirez is a resident of Saranac Lake. She previously owned an art gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida, and appreciates how much art is part of a community. She contributes to these artist profiles on behalf of ArtWorks, of which she is a member.

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