• By Wang Jung-hsiang and William Hetherington / Journalist, with editor

Medical workers at vaccination stations in Kaohsiung, where the vaccination rate is above the national average, say the city’s health ministry is treating them “like slaves,” the Medical Action Alliance said yesterday. from Taiwan.

The vaccination rate in Kaohsiung was 22% – higher than the national average of 20.4% on Friday – but officials from the department overseeing the city’s designated COVID-19 vaccination stations are showing disrespect for them. overworked nurses, the alliance said.

“Efficiency is important, but isn’t basic respect as important? If you measure the time that a nurse spends with each patient, you put pressure on the nurse and the patient, ”he said.

The alliance said efficacy could be improved by presenting vaccine-related information to groups of vaccinees all at once, rather than informing each patient separately.

“It used to be done individually, to sympathize with older patients, but those who get vaccinated now are not older people,” he said.

Nurses and doctors at stations find themselves exhausted after a day of vaccination, but they still have to return to hospitals and clinics to treat regular patients, the alliance said.

Nurses could spend less energy if patients were to approach them, instead of the current system where nurses move around pushing an inoculation cart, he said.

Kaohsiung had tried the least tiring method after the alliance suggested it, but then returned two days to the vaccination program, he said, adding that he had not received any explanation.

“This is not a problem affecting a single vaccination post, we have received nurses from all over the city in recent days,” the alliance said. “There are fundamental issues here that need to be resolved. “

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