Congress gave the Northeast the three “I’s” of “insurgency, instability and inequality” while the BJP presented a plan for infrastructure development, innovation and integration, a BJP president JP Nadda said Thursday, attacking the big old party with several economic shutdowns and blockades when it was in power in most states in the region.

Addressing a youth rally in Kakching, Manipur, Nadda praised Narendra Modi’s government for the measures it has taken for the well-being of young people. Nadda told the assembly that the ‘dual engine’ of BJP governments in the center and in Manipur has ensured peace, prosperity and protection for people in the troubled state, which was once plagued by ‘bad governance ” under Congress where ” bandhs and blockades ” were a way of life. “We are working for the unity and stability of the country as the N Biren Singh government has shown over the past five years,” he said.

The BJP chairman said that the Biren Singh government’s “Go to the Village” and “Go to the Hills” campaigns have helped bring the benefits of government programs to the common people. “There was a time when you had to go to government officers and employees to get the job done, but under Biren Singh, government employees visit ordinary people to make sure their jobs are done smoothly,” he said. he declared.

Nadda said he was sure the youth of Manipur would choose stability over insurgency, prosperity over divisive politics, peace over dating and sport over drugs. ” We know that the young people of Manipur have capacity, talent and energy … PM Modi says that young people are the future of the country. You are our hope, our strength through which Modiji’s dreams will bear fruit, ”he said. He highlighted the work done by the Center for the Development of Vocational Skills among Young People.

“The government’s vision is to make young people job givers rather than job seekers,” he said.

India, he said, has become the second largest start-up hub in the world under the Modi government’s “start up India” initiative. India has the maximum number of young people engaged in start-ups for which the government has invested more than 50,000 crore rupees. Congratulating more than 5,600 entrepreneurs involved in start-ups in Manipur, he said the state government had allocated Rs 114 crore for this purpose. Nadda also harshly criticized rival political parties, calling them “without leadership” and saying their only goal was to criticize the BJP and Narendra Modi.

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