the doctors say that their salaries and allowances are not on par with the salaries allocated to allopathic doctors despite their covid-19 job being the same

About 800 Ayush doctors staged a symbolic statewide demonstration on Tuesday to protest discrimination in their salaries and allowances compared to doctors working in the Allopathy Department. “The government issued an order in 2013 stating that doctors working in the departments of allopathy and Ayush are equal and should receive the same allowances. However, the government passed an ordinance in September last year excluding Ayush doctors while sanctioning special allowance to allopathic physicians. We are not against granting special allowances to allopathic doctors. We just want a similar allowance for us, ”said Dr Panduranga, Treasurer, Association of Ayush Doctors of the Government of Karnataka.

He said the government allocated 120 crore rupees as a special allowance for allopathic doctors, but did not make a decision to allocate 20 crore rupees as an allowance for Ayush doctors. The minimum special allowance is Rs 23,000 per month for allopathic physicians who have completed six years of service and those who have completed six to 13 years are eligible to get Rs 22,000 and Rs 23,000 for those who have completed 13 to 13. 20 years of service.
Wearing black ribbons on their arms, protesting doctors complained that the Department of Health assigned them covid-related tasks on a par with allopathic doctors. “We work in covid hospitals, Covid care centers in addition to treating people in isolation at home.

Why has the government excluded us by sanctioning a special allowance for allopathic doctors? We also work on an equal footing with allopathic doctors, ” said Dr Eranna, general secretary of the Ayush Doctors Association of the Karnataka government. Members of the Ayush Doctors Association of the Karnataka government also submitted a memorandum to deputy commissioners across the state in support of their request. They also decided to no longer attend covid homework on June 7 if the government does not respond to their request.

“We will not be doing covid homework on June 7, but will be working in our hospitals. We hope the government will make a decision on this matter in a day or two to avoid inconvenience to covid patients, ” Dr Panduranga said.

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