Atatat digital photo frame: specifications

Dimensions: 8.9 x 6.42 x 3.43 inches
Touchscreen: No
Wireless: No
From a distance: Yes
Integrated storage: No
Motion sensor: No
Music player: Yes
Video: Yes
USB / SD slots: Yes Yes
Cloud Services: No

The Atatat Digital Photo Frame is an 8-inch remote-controlled device that makes it easy to view static images, slideshows with a variety of transitions, and video clips – with a headphone jack for audio. The frame, not connected and without internal storage, accepts images only via SD card or USB key.

If you read our full review of the Atatat Digital Photo Frame, you will find that the picture quality looks superb on its large screen with lifelike colors and an extra wide viewing angle. Many settings allow good user control in terms of screen brightness, transitions, and built-in utilities like a calendar and clock. The frame is nicely styled with an elegant narrow black bezel and performs well, as long as you meet the recommended component specifications.

Atatat digital photo frame review: price and availability

The Atatat Digital Photo Frame is an economical model available in black with a subtly sculpted design. At $ 65.99 on Amazon, it’s packed with cool features, including the ability to play music (with a headphone jack nothing less), calendar, SD and USB inputs, and a clock, all without the hassle of setting up Wi-Fi. works via a separate remote control to keep the screen blank.

Atatat Digital Photo Frame Review: Design

The Atatat digital photo frame is available in black or white with an elegant sculpture on its slim bezel. While nothing fancy, he manages to keep a low profile without clashing with anything else in the room. At the eight inch size, it’s compact and will easily fit on a desk, nightstand, or living room end table. The three-foot cord is rather short, so unless you’re using an extension cord, you’ll need to be near an outlet. There is a small recess on the back for hanging on the wall, but due to its small size, we believe it will mainly be used on the table.

Rear view of Atatat digital photo frame

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

It is better to sit on the table horizontally. While vertical photos adapt to landscape orientation, the black bars on the sides can only be removed with drastic cropping – a universal setting that won’t work for all photos. The frame comes with a small peg for standing, which is stable enough in the landscape position, but does not hold up at all in the portrait orientation.

Atatat Digital Photo Frame Review: Image Quality

Image quality is the most outstanding feature of the Atatat frame. If you take photos with an iPhone or Android smartphone, you can be sure that the images will appear crisp and clear behind the frame’s 1920 x 1080p IPS matte glass. The frame supports 178 degree wide viewing angle and 15 adjustable brightness levels so your images can be seen from most places in the room.

Display of the Atatat digital photo frame

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

For movies, the tiny speakers sound pretty respectable. You can also play music on a photo slideshow, which is a very nice effect and works well. While photos and videos won’t play together in slideshows, this shouldn’t be seen as a disadvantage.

Atatat Digital Photo Frame Review: Interface

The frame has an extensive configuration pane which gives you great flexibility in your photo presentation. You can set brightness, various slideshow transitions, speeds, effects and repeat mode. A breakpoint playback mode resumes the photo or video where you left off. The frame automatically adjusts the direction of the photo, which you can hang on the wall or place on a table. You can adjust the photos to better suit the 16: 9 aspect ratio, options like crop, stretch, auto and original are available. I found that I got the best results with the original setting, even though there was some black space around the edges.

Atatat digital photo frame with vertical image presented horizontally

(Image credit: Atatat)

An automatic on / off function where you can set a timer helps you save energy. The framework only takes a few minutes to install – there is no software or helper app. Just turn it on and insert a memory card or USB drive (available separately) and the frame will instantly start browsing your photos.

Atatat digital photo frame photo library

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

The remote worked as expected most of the time, but sometimes it didn’t respond, and most of the time it was slow, taking a few seconds to execute commands. If you don’t want to use the remote exclusively, a set of controls on the back of the frame allow you to turn it on or off and you can also access and adjust the settings here. However, to switch from photo to movie or SD to USB modes on the fly, you’ll need to use the remote. Having a clock and calendar adds convenience and sophistication to the setting.

Atatat has no online connectivity or networking capability. You can’t set up an email account to add photos to your frame or have friends or family contribute, unless you all live in or near one household. The only way to get photos and movies on this frame is through SD card or USB stick, but even these have to meet strict specifications – you can’t just recover USB stick or SD card that you could have. The SD card must be 128 GB or less and the USB drive must be 32 GB formatted in FAT32, otherwise your media will not be played. Considering these settings, it would be nice if these help items were included in the box. The site advertises an SD card included, but my review unit did not include one and it was not on the packing list.

Atatat digital photo frame test: verdict

The Atatat digital photo frame is one of the best when it comes to visual quality. Its pure HD on matte glass makes your photos vivid without flash effects or artificially punched colors. Images are fine grained with no noise or artifacts, retaining the true color of the shot. The large screen format, even on a small screen, gives the impression of being larger, and the extremely wide viewing angle enhances the visual effect. The State is more expensive than the low-tech 8 inch Aluratek LCD Digital Photo Frame, which is aimed at the same audience. However, the Stateat is well worth the extra money for its visual quality, photo and calendar utilities, convenient remote controls, not to mention the ability to play audio and video.

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