When it comes to choosing a gaming chair, there are a lot of things to potentially consider. What kind of adjustments do you need? Maybe you require an adjustable headrest or maybe these armrests need to be flexible. Others are particular about their padding. And yet another group will go further and demand that the chair be covered in rose. If you’re one of the latter, the AndaSeat Pretty in Pink (MSRP $ 400) might just be the best gaming chair for you.

The Pretty in Pink has more to offer than just a carefree color. It is a firm chair that offers more space in its seat than many competitors. And while some chairs may offer more adjustment, the Pretty in Pink offers the basics like a 160-degree recline, armrests that can move up and down or in and out, and even neck and lower back pillows. A little pink never hurt anyone

We do a lot more than just play in our chairs, we lounge, we eat, we sleep. Having something that meets all of our needs is important. The AndaSeat Pretty in Pink series adapts with its adjustable armrests, height and backrest. It never hurts to spruce up your setup with a little color.

AndaSeat Pretty in Pink Specifications

Tapestry PVC faux leather
Total height (with base) 52 -56.3 inch (132-143 cm)
Back height 35 inches (89 cm)
Backrest width (shoulder level) 18.7 inch (47.5cm)
Living room width (total) 21.3 inch (54 cm)
Lounge area width (point of contact) 16.5 inch (42 cm)
Depth of seating area 19.7 inch (50cm)
Armrest width 3.9 inches (9.9 cm)
Armrest height 8.8 – 11.9 inches (22.4 – 30.2 cm)
Maximum recommended weight Swing: 264.6 lbs (120 kg)
Static: 374.8 lbs (170 kg)
Weight 60.1 lbs
guarantee 2 years

AndaSeat Pretty design in pink

Despite its eye-catching hue, the Pretty in Pink isn’t much different from the many faux leather gaming chairs scattered around Amazon and the like. In fact, the Pretty in Pink looks like the company that took a look at the AndaSeat Jungle and said, “Yes, but in pink.” That said, the Pretty in Pink gives an eye-catching and playful look.

As the name suggests, this chair is draped from top to bottom in baby pink and white PVC artificial leather. This shade of pink is a fun and light addition to any room. I would generally say the color pink is “okay”, but I love the shade that AndaSeat selected. it will be a great kawaii in addition to any setup that requires a bit of pop.

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

The tightly woven vinyl makes this chair easy to clean but also easy to stick on during a sweaty or intense gaming session. The pink coloration hasn’t faded over my month of testing, and the padding doesn’t look like it’s going to be chipping anytime soon. Still, the PVC faux leather looks just like any other PVC gaming chair.

Like other AndaSeat gaming chairs, including the AndaSeat Jungle and the AndaSeat Spider-Man Edition, the Pretty in Pink has foam molded under its faux leather and covering a steel frame. The molded foam enveloping the frame has a firm, durable feel that feels durable for many uses – especially important given the chair’s $ 400 MSRP.

Looking at the bottom of the chair, you will see casters covered in PU leatherette and attached to an aluminum base. This faux leather not only helped the four-way wheels move smoothly on my thin carpet and hardwood floors, but also provided quiet while gliding.

Comfort and settings on the AndaSeat Pretty in Pink

AndaSeat says the Pretty in Pink is suitable for players weighing up to 264.6 pounds if you want to use the rocker feature. If you don’t need this capacity, however, the maximum weight supported by the chair is up to 374.9 pounds. Either way, the maximum recommended chair height is 6 feet 6.7 inches.

If you’re not sure you need the chair’s rocking feature, let’s make it easier: you probably don’t need it. First of all, the functionality is a bit difficult to use. To activate it, you go under the seat, loosen a knob and pull one of the chair’s two levers. Confusingly, the pull lever is the same lever that increases or decreases the height of the chair if it is raised. Loosening the knob releases tension and allows for greater recline. But even with the knob at its loosest setting, tilting back takes a lot of leg muscle, making it very impractical.

The Pretty in Pink leaves room for updos and thighs, but we wouldn’t mind a bit more leeway. The pink seat is 19.7 inches deep and 21.3 inches in diameter overall. But there are bumpers on the left and right sides of the seat, so the area you sit in is only 16.5 inches wide. The bumpers also make it difficult to straddle the side of the seat (sorry, male spreaders!).

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Having said that, we would set the seat size to a middle. It’s not a perfect fit for me, although I’m particularly below the maximum height and weight recommended by AndaSeat. And while the bumpers reduce available space, they don’t immediately dig painfully into my legs like the bumpers on the Jungle seat do (16.8 inches deep with a 14-inch contact point, 2 inches wide). After about a month of testing the chair, however, the bumpers started to bother me. If you want more seating, consider the Mavix M5, which has an adjustable seat depth of 19-21 inches and a 20.5-inch wide contact point.

The backrest provides great support and like the seat is tightly packed with foam, and I cannot express enough how firm this chair is. It was a godsend for multi-hour gaming sessions because my body didn’t sink into the chair and the chair didn’t suffocate my body in a suffocating way. Overall, the chair’s foam structure is like sitting in a piece of furniture designed for the long haul.

The firmness of the chair may take a while to get used to, but once I got used to Pretty in Pink, my body came to appreciate the long-term support that the chair provided without me even knowing. think about it.

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Removable cushions for the neck and lower back accompany the backrest. The cervical pillow is padded, while the lumbar pillow is a block of foam. Tying the two pillows on the chair took a surprising bit of muscle. Once they’re on, they feel like they never come off, and I almost don’t feel like trying. This is because the pillows connect to the chair using clip-on straps, and it almost seems like a safety hazard trying to unbuckle them.

When placed behind my head, the cervical pillow provided an excellent cushion between my neck and the foam molded on the chair, whether I was sitting at a 90 degree angle or tilted back to the 160 degree maximum. I’m 5 feet 8 inches tall and was able to place the pillow in the perfect spot for my build, thanks to the 35 inch high backrest.

Meanwhile, the lumbar support pillow hugs the lower back, providing sufficient support and promoting good posture. It’s removable, but I wouldn’t be sitting in the chair without it. However, the lumbar support pillow became a little uncomfortable when tilting.

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

To recline the Pretty in Pink, you use the second lever under the seat. The tilt of the chair was solid and well balanced during testing. I didn’t feel like I was falling, even with the chair at its maximum tilt of 160 degrees. We’re also slightly impressed with the amount of tilt here. AndaSeat has not skimped on the available adjustments to save on costs. But there are seats with greater reach. For example, the Secretlab Omega can tilt 165 degrees backwards and even 5 degrees forward to an angle of 85 degrees.

The armrests of the Pretty in Pink chair are made from a hard foam, so pushing your elbows into them won’t leave any bumps. You can also leave your arms on for a long time without feeling sweaty or sticky. A button on the outside of the armrest raises and lowers the armrest by 3.1 inches, helping to adjust to your shoulder level. You can also push the armrests left or right so they’re 28.7-29.7 inches apart. Again, that’s a fair amount of movement, but there is more available. The SecretLab Omega, for example, has armrests that can move up or out of your PC screen, which would be nice to have in the tilted state of Pretty in Pink, and diagonally.

Assembly of the AndaSeat Pretty in pink

Putting together the Pretty in Pink series was not difficult and took me less than 20 minutes.

I encountered a small problem when attaching the seat support to the backrest. The support was bent, and as a result, it was difficult to screw the backrest to the seat. With a little help of a hammer, I was able to straighten the mount so that the screws would fully fit together. Then it was easy to continue to assemble the chair.

A lever is already attached to the piston mechanism out of the box. This meant that I only had to attach the plunger to the back of the chair and place it on the base. The other lever is attached to the seat.

Pretty in Pink from AndaSeat has a 2 year warranty with a potential 6 year warranty if you share news of your new chair with your social media network.

Final result

I’m not a fan of pink on pink on pink, but the AndaSeat Pretty in Pink won me over. The chair is gorgeous and will give a lively aesthetic to any playroom.

One size does not fit all, however. The Pretty in Pink is medium in size, so large and tall crowds and anyone who wants a little more room for their thighs might want to consider a chair with a wider seat, like the Mavix M5. AndaSeat’s pink chair bumpers didn’t bother me right away, but after about a month of sitting in the chair, it does. The faux leather upholstery is easy to clean, but not easy to sit on on hot summer days. This chair is also expensive at its MSRP of $ 400, especially since the Secretlab Omega, which has more adjustments and more comfortable and better neck and lumbar pillows, is currently $ 329.

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